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Cutty Sark- the “Joy” Centre for Special People:
“Different Artists—Same Inspiration. Together for a Cause”

A charitable initiative “dedicated to sameness through difference” with the participation of “art•emis: how to do things with others”

The historic ship Cutty Sark chose as its trade-mark, a symbol of the golden age of commercial shipping and a vessel much admired for its elegance and speed, will be disembarking once again. Its new voyage is set to bring people together who, though very different, share a common goal: the joining of art and charity.

Cutty Sark commissioned fellow citizens to create art, and though it specified dimensions and subject-matter (its trade-mark: the “Cutty Sark”), no restrictions were placed on how they chose to express themselves. These artists who aren’t artists produced their unique works in the available time, proving themselves devoted to their common cause: raising funds for the “Joy” Centre for Special People. Each work came accompanied by a text written or selected by its creator.

“art•emis: how to do things with others”, a not-for-profit company engaged exclusively in non-profit-making cultural and charitable activities, undertook to connect Cutty Sark with art and charity.

The resulting exhibition, curated by art•emis and sponsored by the Consular Corps, will be staged at the Tsichritzis Foundation for the Visual Arts, February 9-15, 2009. The show will be subsidized, with the sum of €30,000 to be donated to the “Joy” Centre. The individual works will also be available for purchase at €500 each, with the proceeds also going to the “Joy” Centre.

art•emis, Cutty Sark and the Consular Corps intend their charitable initiative to remind all of us how very fortunate we have been on life’s voyage and how vital it is—in the words of the “Joy” Centre’s vice-chairperson—to actively support those children to whom life has been less kind.